Wireless Speaker Amplifier

Best Core Magic BC-318 Magic Induction Wireless Speaker Amplifier for Smartphone, ipad

                                                                                                                                      PRICE : Tk. 1550/-

The High-quality audio music speakers BC-318 for smartphones make cables synchronizing, Bluetooth or a WiFi connection unnecessary. Just put your phone on this Magic Cradle and you will enjoy your music and videos no matter where.
Item specifics

Compatible: cellphone
Channel: 2
Type: induction speaker
Feature: sensor

Best Core BC-318 Magic Induction Wireless Speaker with Stand for mobile phone and ipad
1. High quality audio amplifying mutal induction sound player music speaker for iPad
2. With stand, you can enjoy music and watch videos in a relax way
3. No configurations such as pairing is needed
4. Built-in high capacity rechargeable battery, support long play, charged by computer via USB interface

Material : Plastic
Power Supply : USB 5V
Power Output : 3W
Battery Capacity : 800mAh
Color : White, Black

Package Included
1 * Wireless Speaker
1 * User Manual
Product Size : 127*90*83mm
Product Weight : 260g
PRICE : Tk. 1550/-

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