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German tech Spot Removal CO2 Mole Removal Fibroblast Plasma Pen!

Retail Price Tk. 7,760/-

Remove Functions:
** Various Small Moles: Technology To Moles Clean.
** Big Moles: Fast To Moles, Perfect Metamorphosis.
** Granulation: Radium Radio Needle, Removal Granulation.
** Thorn tattoo: Fine Needle Except Thorn, Effect More Better.
** To Warts: Fast To Warts, Skin Smooth.
** Eyelid Wrinkles.
** Especially: Electric Ion Technology, Fast To Especially.

Product Description
It adopts high leveled and new technology, and electric ion carbonation functions. Instantly sweep freckles, aging spots, flatmoles etc., it can achieve fast and safe medical cosmetology effects without any side effects or bleeding.

Working principles:
Similar as carbon dioxide (CO2) laser beauty machine, it use new generation of plasma micro district discharge technology with low temperature and high frequency , it is efficient capacity conversion material and Microcomputer chip control. when the needle touch the freckle skin,it produce plasma with high temperature immediately, when it touch the freckle or spot it will produce a small flame, we called it carbide problem skin. The micro vascular will be solidified quickly without bleeding. Then it will formed carbon
scabs, protect wound skin from infection. After about 1 week scab will sheeding without scar. Unique electric Ion Technology makes it remove spots with no hurt to the normal skin, no bleeding.
Directly charged by USB cable, which is easy to carry operate, Also you can choose the Plug-in.

Function : Mole Removal, Spot / Tattoo Removal, Freckle removal, Spot removal:
Skin hair dressing department: verruca vulgaris, senile warts, flat wart, contagious soft wart, verrucous nevus, sebaceous nevus, granuloma, millet papules, eyelid xanthoma, leather fat and all kinds of pigmented nevus, corns, calluses, and go Freckles, etc

Product Name : Electric Plasma Pen
Color : White
Operation System : Plasma Ion Technology
Technology : Electric Ion Carbonation Technology/Laser Electroion Technology
Laser Type : CO2 Plasma Laser
Material : ABS+Copper Needles
Certification : CE
Power : 1-9level
Frequency : 1-4level
Charging : USB Charging,Plug-In For Your Choice
Accessories : USB Cable,Two Thick Needles,Two Fine Needles,User Manual

Eyelid lifting monster plasma pen

Removal of spots:

Move the needle slightly towards the spot and it can be very clear that the melanin is burnt and falls off after the electric needle sweeps over it, and if the spots are shallow and the area is small, they can be removed all in one go. If it is a larger area and the pigmentation is darker, it will take 2 or 3 attempts to remove it. We should also refer to your beautician when using electric needle treatment, not only should we keep the customers still, the beautician should balance the her hand with the electric needle and not shake to prevent burns, inconsistency, and to assist in the healing of wounds post-treatment.

Removal of moles:

Be wary to distinguish the mole extent when removing the mole, some moles grow on the surface of the skin and the root grows in the deep skin tissue. Do not break the surface of the mole all at once when using an electric needle, it's best to use a small square area for burning. If there is a deeper mole, not only to avoid inflammation after processing, it’s best to apply a nutrient cream acting like living cells 2-3 days before the wound is healed. This prevents dents in the skin. When applying the nutrient cream, you should pay attention to the wound and it should not suffer from inflammation, if it does, then do not wipe it.

Removal of granulation tissue:

Connect the granulation component with the electric needle port and burn the root cells of the granulation with the laser needle. After about a week, the granulation will fall off on its own. If the granulation is small, the granulation can be removed in one go using the laser needle. If the granulation is large, it should be burned several times, so as not to affect the healing of the wound.

Removal of tattoos:

In general, the area of tattoo removal is larger. It should be used with a large sized needle. The method of removing tattoo is the same as removing spots. The operation time may be slightly longer, and for tattoos with larger area (more than 3 cm). It should be processed multiple times, and must not be completed all at once. Otherwise, this will result in bacterial infection if you are not careful. This being said, if you're not careful with the bacterial infection, the results can be really bad. The beautician and the customer should be very careful, and if you have severe inflammation, you should consult a health practitioner as soon as possible.


It produce high frequency current, biological tissue can be cutting, carbide.

The needle is soft with good flexibility.

Function: Removal spot, freckle, Verruca Plana, Flat Warts, Nervus Sebaceous, Granuloma, Skin Neoplasm, fat granule, Hemangioma, Eyelid

Packing list
1x Beauty Monster Pen
3x needles tip
1x Power plug
1x Manual

Product Size : 19*3.4*1.9cm
Packaging Size : 19*13*8cm,0.2kg
Gross Weight : 250g



German tech Spot Removal CO2 Mole Removal Fibroblast Plaxel Plasma Pen!


















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