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9 level beauty plasma pen for Dark Spot Tattoo Freckle Mole Removal!

Retail Price Tk. 2,200/-

  • Model : ALL-B19

  • Remove Scars / Dark Spots / Tattoo;

  • Remove Moles / Granulation / Warts;

  • keep face clean and smooth.


  • Plasma Pen Advantages
    1. Nine levels adjustable :  controllable energy output;
    2. Wireless and rechargeable;
    3. No bleeding, No risk of infection;
    4. LED design : Needle head with light design, convenient and practical

  • Working Principle
    The principle of plasma pen is like that of CO2 laser cosmetic machine. It uses the new generation of energy conversion material. It removes the dark spot or melanin pigmentation by the carbonation effect produced by high-frequency plasma energy so that the dark spot or scars will be permanently removed.

    The micro vascular will be solidified quickly without bleeding. Then it will formed carbon scabs, protect wound skin from infection After about 1 week, scab will shedding without scar.

    Packing list
    1 x Plasma Pen
    3 x needles
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x Manual


9 Level with LED Display Most Popular Face Lift, Eyelid lifting & Skin tightening!
Dark Spot, Warts, Mole & Wrinkle Remover Plasma Pen.



















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