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Neatcell Beauty Tool Pen Picosecond Laser Pen Tattoo, Scars & Spots Removal Machine Beauty Tool Laser Pen.

The Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen has been qualified for the best laser therapy device used to treat acne, moles, dark spots, sun spots, freckles, and Tattoos. Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen is one of the most popular beauty tools in 2019, widely used in personal skin care, salon & beauty centers


1.The laser pulse width short, almost no photon thermal effect, no damage to the intact tissue.
2.The powerful and ultra fast laser speed can instantly resolve melanin.
3.Without hurt and damages to any skin tissues.
4.Less use times, to achieve better effects.
5.Suitable for a wide range of customers, long term effect is more obvious, more durable and safe.

1. Efficient
The laser beam can effectively resolve melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits.
2. Faster
Faster laser beam and more focused laser energy to clean and remove long-standing melanin problems.
3. Effective
More powerful laser beam, cause no damages to skin tissues and clean more comprehensively.
4. Comprehensive
Reduce freckles and dark spots, refine skin from within way.
5. Safer
No damages and hurts to skin tissues, safe to use.

What's the difference between the blue light and red light?

Blue light picosecond:

After the power of the digital tube, the frequency button will be pressed, and the blue ray will have nine[!-]

frequency modes 1 to 9 out of the light mode, press the energy increment button to adjust the energy size, finish[!-]the setting and output the laser, and operate the closing machine, the blue light emits a laser every time. When you fire the laser, the blue light will fire in small increments until you let off the button.

Red light picosecond:

After the normal display of the digital tube, press the frequency button, the current selection has three[!-]

frequency modes, 1.2.3 light mode, through the energy increase button to adjust the size, press the switch[!-]after the setting, the machine will run out of light and operate out after that, When you fire the laser, the red light will fire continuously until you let off the button.

Both colors can remove moles, lentigo, black acne scars, tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, eyebrow microblading and any other melanin.

1. Tattoo removal
2. Mole removal
3. Dark Spot/ Freckle/ Pigment removal
4. Eyebrow Makeup Cleaning
5. Acne Treatment

General usage and precautions:

1. Plug in the power, and the machine is energized, and the digital tube displays
2. Press the frequency mode select button to select the frequency, then set the output energy size
3. After setting, press the laser emission switch to output energy
4. During operation, wear protective glasses
5. keep the machine clean and avoid contact with other contaminants
6. No unauthorized operation of the hand
7. After use, please keep it properly after cleaning

How to use the Neatcell Picosecond Laser Pen

Plug in the power, allow the device to power on, the digital screen will display when complete.
Press the "Inten" and "Fre/Hz" button to select the intensity and frequency. We suggest to start the operation from the lowest intensity and frequency, then upgrade as needed.

Wear protective glasses (included) Note: It is recommended to wear protective glasses with the blue laser due to the rapid flashing. Ear protection is optional due to loud beeping sounds.
Put the hole of the pen towards to the spot where you want to operate on.

Note: for blue laser pen, we suggest that you DO NOT stay in the same location for more than 2 seconds..
Cover the area with repair essence after the operation. Repeat to use repair essence in the following days. Do not expose to the sun, otherwise the skin will become sunburned and turn red.
Repeat these steps every few days if needed. 

The power and effect of the Blue laser picosecond pen is stronger, it requires a more professional operation. It is recommended to wear goggles (goggles are included). You have to press the switch button when using the blue pen, while you don't have to for the red laser pen.
The blue laser pen has 9 output modes, different output frequency and wavelength.
Note: level 9 is lowest frequency for blue laser pen

The RED laser pen has 3 output modes, continuous output, Interval 1-3 seconds output and Interval 5-7 seconds output.
If you have a black colored tattoo, its best to use the RED picosecond laser pen. If it is a more colorful tattoo, its best to use the Blue picosecond laser pen.

1. Before use the picosecond pen, the skin better be coated with Anesthetic.
2. After usage, it should be well cocered to Prevent bacterial infection.
3. Please start from the lowest level, then slowly adjust to the suitable level.
4. Blue laser pen : Have 9 level and the 9 level is lowest frequency.
Red laser pen: Have 3 level and the 3 level is lowest frequency.

Packaging size
1x Laser picosecond pen
1x Charge cable
1x Safe goggles
1x Manual (This machine have: U/EU Plug. If you need UK Plug or Australia Plug, pls leave us a message, we will send you an extra adapter)


Neatcell Beauty Tool Pen Picosecond Laser Pen Tattoo, Scars & Spots Removal Machine !
Price Tk. 4550/-


















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