Air Lounge Comfort Sofa Bed
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Air Lounge Comfort Sofa Bed.

Short Description

The Inflatable Air Lounge Sofa Bed is the latest multifunctional piece of furniture that you must have around. It looks good and comfortably seats 3 people, instantly converting into a bed if you want. Simply unfold the base of the sofa into a bed, throw in a couple of pillows and a duvet and chill-ax to your hearts content! can set-up and use anywhere in the home!

Air Lounge, the amazingly comfortable, amazingly convenient sofa, lounger, recliner and fold out bed, all in one. Plug in the jet propulsion Pump and in less than 3-minutes, the Air Lounge inflates into a full sized sofa that fits perfectly into any room in your home. Unfold it and instantly, it converts into a an incredibly comfortable air mattress. Or flip it over and you’ve got a chaise lounge recliner. The Air Lounge Surround Suspension Air Technology supports your body comfortably on air.

• Perfectly convenient

• Short of space and need some extra furniture fast? The Air Lounge Inflatable Sofa/Bed can be quickly and easily set up – just pump it up!

• A full pull-out sofa/bed in just minutes

• The Air Lounge Inflatable Sofa/Bed comes with its own Jet Propulsion pump which can fully inflate the Air Lounge in under 3 minutes.

• And when you're not using the Air Lounge, it can be easily stored away. It's light enough to be transported to any part of the house or it can be folded away into the included nylon carrying bag – meaning you can truly bring it anywhere you go!

• It's also a bed!

• In addition to being a comfortable sofa, the Air Lounge Inflatable Sofa/Bed can easily become a comfortable bed or recliner. Just flip open the bed from underneath the sofa, and you've got a nice place to sleep!

• The Original Air Sofa Bed…made of high Quality superior material that could last a lifetime.

NEW & Improved Air Pump comes with a 6 Month warranty.

Important Guidelines:
Beware Of The Duplicate Products.
Replacement If Any Leakage Of Air, Only For Any Manufacturing Defects.
Replacement Period: Within 7 Days From The Date Of Receipt Of The Product.
No Replacement If Product Is Mishandled.
Buyer Pay the Shipping Charge.






















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