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iPEGA PG-9017S Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller Gamepad Joystick for iPhone / iPod / iPad / Samsung Galaxy / Android Phone / Tablet PC (Black)



This product is a new wireless Bluetooth controller which supports different Android, iOS and PC games.

The built-in battery will give you up to 10 hours of uninterrupted game play
Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller for Android and iOS turning your phone into a real handheld gaming device
Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad as well as the vast majority of android tablet PCs
Just attach your phone to the "Ipega" controller, pair both devices through Bluetooth and your gaming spree can begin

iPEGA PG-9017S Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller Gamepad Experience a new way of playing games on your Android or iOS phone thanks to the \"Ipega\" wireless Bluetooth game controller. Just attach your phone to the \"Ipega\" controller, pair both devices through Bluetooth and your gaming spree can begin. Featuring a variety of dedicated buttons such as action keys, two analog sticks, an R1 and L1 button and a D pad, the \"Ipega\" is perfect to control a whole range of different games, from racing, over puzzling to first person shooters. On top of that, the built-in battery will give you up to 10 hours of uninterrupted gameplay and can easily be recharged through USB. PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 X Wireless Bluetooth Controller 1 X USB Cable 1 X User Manual .

About Input Method Setting:
Using the controller to play game should set the phone or notebook input method to be default as English language input (for the iOS system, be sure to switch the input method, and then pairing. If not, the handle does not work properly).

Charging Controller:
When the controller is a low battery condition, the charge indicator is start blinking, please accessing the controller to 5V power supply for charging (PC device or mobile phone power adapter). Process of charging, the charge indicator of the handle is Orange and keep long bright, saturated power LED goes.

Switch On/Off the Controller:
Press the "HOME" button for about five seconds, until the LED red light flashes slowly. It means that the handle is turned on (the default the last boot mode), the boot handle will automatically paired with the phone connection. If the connection fails, the handle will automatically shut down. Press "HOME" button for 3 seconds until the Bluetooth LED is off, it means shutdown is successful. If the phone is not unpaired connection when controller shutdown, just do it again.

Connect the PC:
Open the device's Bluetooth PC program, and select the "X, A" in either mode can be paired with (and does not have a Bluetooth PC devices need to use the Bluetooth receiver).

Note: To change the controller function mode, please turn off the controller firstly and cancel the Bluetooth pairing, then in accordance with the operation mode to replace the steps.

The Reset Switch:
When the controller cannot operate normally, please use the paperclip to touch the reset switch on the left corner of the grip back when the grip cannot shut down or crash.

1 x Bluetooth Controller (Black)
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Manual. 


Multi-OS Support
Android 3.2 or 4.0 and above
iOS 4.3 and above
Android TV Box or Android TV.

Box contents:

  • 1 * Bluetooth Controller (Black)

  • 1 * USB charging cable

  • 1 * Manual


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